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Following A A Milne and E H Shepard to Enchanted Places

Monday, June 16th, 2008

On holiday in July in Hartfield, Surrey I twisted my husband’s arm to take me to Pooh Corner’s Piglet Café (very pink).with pink umbrellas

We picked up a map of walks in the area and on the last day of our holiday followed two of the walks through Ashdown Forest.

In the forestMemorial stone
For an illustrator who has a love of the work of E H Shepard it was wonderful to be in the area where he found inspiration. For even a grown up child it was a magical experience, particularly as we had a rainbow appear as we started the walk.

Rainbow forest
And it’s not possible to be there at the famous Pooh Stick Bridge and not play Pooh Sticks! (even though my husband beat me 3-2)BridgeFirst view of bridge
Do you still get tingles down your spine and flutters in your tummy when you’re near somewhere that’s an inspiration?

Ashdown Views Bench
I took so many photos because I had ideas for my own work popping into my mind all the time we were there.

And to add to the sheer pleasure, I read out quotes from A A Milne and looked at the sketches while we were walking. It was difficult to believe we were so close to central London.


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