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Sotherbys Auction of E H Shepard drawings.

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Winnie the Pooh Collection

Collections of Stanley J Seeger & Christopher Cone

Auction of E H Shepard drawings/books etc! Check out Sotherbys website It’s nice just to have a nosey!

Maybe one day I’ll have a first edition book or an original by E H Shepard…….In my dreams!! 

LOT 33 




20,000—30,000 GBPChristmas card drawing by E H Shepard


160 by 171mm., ink drawing, unsigned, captioned ‘Christmas Greetings From Norah & Ernest Shepard’, with artist’s name and address on reverse, mounted, slight soiling

[together with] Christmas Greetings from Norah & Ernest Shepard. [Privately Printed, n.d.], single leaf,some creases


A Batty Halloween 31st October

Friday, December 5th, 2008

Batty Pumpkin

A Batty Halloween! 31st October when I carved a Batty pumpkin for the Halloween celebrations.

Please feel free to use the bat design for future Halloweens!

How to create a Batty Pumpkin

A.There are 3 ways to transfer the design to the pumpkin

1.To draw on the pumpkin free hand with a water based pen – so that the lines can be easily wiped off with a tissue.

2. Draw your design on paper but first hold the paper in front of the pumpkin so that you get an idea of size for the design.

3.This is the way I did It -Print the design on a A4 white label and stick the label on the pumpkin.

B. You can get really spooky effects by letting the light through the pumpkin in varying intensity -in other wording not cutting right through the pumpkins shell.

1. To do this you can use a cocktail stick, shape a used long match to a point or use a pencil.

2. On the Bat –I used this effect on his eyes, ears and smiley mouth. Please see the grey areas on the    design.

C. The black areas need to be cut out completely including the little triangular areas for the shiny fangs.

D. Tip - When carving a pumpkin always start in the middle of the design with the small tricky bits. Please choose carefully where you place your pumpkin, making sure it’s away from flammable materials. And remember never forget to blow out the candle in the pumpkin before you go to bed.

Hope you had a Happy Hallowweeeeeeeen!

 Bat Pumpkin Black & white template



Free Letter for Santa – 5th December

Friday, December 5th, 2008

santa letter

I’m ever so sorry I haven’t kept you up to date in November, I’ve been really busy organising an sending letters out to potencial clients. To make it up to you, I have designed a Free Santa’s letter for you to colour & send to Santa!

Santa’s Address:

Santa Claus, Wish List Department, NorthPole, SAN TA1

Have fun colouring!!


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