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Family Health Service-Picture Minutes!!

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

Lining Paper Roll-picture minutes

25th February 2009

The Quad rang me up and said that they were looking for an illustrator to capture the story of a meeting, that wants to start up a new ‘Family Health Service’. After getting as much information about the Meeting as possible, I decided that I was up for the challenge!

The meeting was a mixture of people from a Local District area in Derbyshire, discussing ideas and wishes on what their ideal ‘Family Health Service’ would be like.

My role was to capture most of the discussions and translate into pictures!

The story of the workshop was to illustrate 3 families and their problems, then the groups discussed the help that was already on offer to help and the services they like to see in their community.

Then everyone put their heads together to answer the Big Questions-  What, When, Who and how the ‘New Family Service’ would operate?

I had a great time, I was drawing on the floor onto  an endless roll of lining paper in the middle of the group, turning the meeting minutes into pictures….You should have seen the smoke from my pencil, I enjoyed every minute of it and the Leader of the meeting was really pleased with my work too.

Watch this space….’Picture Minutes’ could be a new Service, I can offer !!

Please do keep checking my blog as I will post some of the visuals from the day, about Mid March time as they have taken them away, to decide which sections They’d  like me to colour up! 

The photographs shown are the work of the people in the groups, I’ve definitely got competition!

Family example1st Family2nd FamilyFamily & cardslining Paper

Toy Fair -Excel London

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Bee Line......!

30th January 2009

I spent a day at the Toy Fair at Excel London.

Hopefully I’ve made a few good contacts, fingers crossed I may have a really exciting hot lead!

I went on the Clementoni Stand and made a ‘Bee line’ to look at the Princess Secrets Game, which I illustrated. One of the owners came to talk to me. We had a good chat and they very kindly gave me a Princess Game-So a Big Thank you  to Clementoni for the Game and for the hours of fun I have playing it with my niece.

I also had a good chat with an old collegue of mine, who I’ve not seen for a few years!

So a very good and most enjoyable day!! 

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