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Happy Friday!

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Happy Friday & Belated Best Wishes for the New Year!

I’m So Sorry it’s BEEn along time, I’ve got lots to tell you………

I’m involved with the Quad Derby and really gaining lots of experience helping and designing workshops the people there are a lovely bunch to work with,  I have  already got a few really successful workshops under my sleeve. I’ve designed and ran , titles such as  Books that  Flip, Spin & Pop-up and  a Doodle Fun, I’ve got loads more ideas for other workshops, so watch this space!!

The Quad in Derby is a really Creative Friendly place , it’s well worth a visit.

I’ve also got a few other Freelance Jobs on the go from Wall Charts to Number books.

This Year I’ve had another  Grant application accepted so that I can continue to have marketing advice from Piu Ltd and update the wording to my website to add to it the extra services I can provide such as Workshops, Graphic Design, Picture Minutes!! My Friend Eileen Parr is putting pen to paper this very minute.

This week we’ve just had new windows put in at home and my husband has decided to put brush in paint and decorate the house…..he’s starting with the bathroom.

Bee on a sticky note

Bee on a sticky note

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