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Arts 4 Health Workshops, Drawing for Wellbeing

Friday, May 31st, 2013

Blimey, It’s the end of May, time has flown by this year like a little blue butterfly.

I have been fluttering like a blue butterfly here there and everywhere for the last couple of Months, thinking, networking, drawing, creating and learning. I’ll explain, on my wish list  I have many things I would like to pursue but one thing at the top of my list  is to do more Arts 4 Health workshops  as I use drawing to de-stress and unwind myself .I would like to help others with want I’ve learnt over the years from my own experiences. So since before Christmas I’ve been helping with a NHS Mental Health All being Well Art Group and I’m enjoying every minute of it. I’ve also attended a Free course  called ‘Art at The HeART’ Erewash to learn how to work with dementia patients and have been shadowed an artist and have gained a lot of experience within this area of participatory arts, besides it’s getting me out the house more as being freelance can be really lonely job sometimes and being creative and encouraging others also helps my creativity too. SO to keep my workshops separate to my commercial work I have created a new strand to my business ‘Creative Wellbeing & Artists Workshops’ with Kate Smith Designs and I’m specialising in ‘Drawing for Wellbeing’. On June the 7th I’m having my first exhibition Stand at an Arts 4 Health Event Caring Creatively Networking Day. As you may guess I’ve been busy creating a new logo and marketing material- I hope you like it?

Creative Wellbeing & Artist Workshops

Creative Wellbeing & Artist Workshops

I’m hoping to blog more to keep you updated with my new Adventure.

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