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Arts 4 Health Workshops, Drawing for Wellbeing

Friday, May 31st, 2013

Blimey, It’s the end of May, time has flown by this year like a little blue butterfly.

I have been fluttering like a blue butterfly here there and everywhere for the last couple of Months, thinking, networking, drawing, creating and learning. I’ll explain, on my wish list  I have many things I would like to pursue but one thing at the top of my list  is to do more Arts 4 Health workshops  as I use drawing to de-stress and unwind myself .I would like to help others with want I’ve learnt over the years from my own experiences. So since before Christmas I’ve been helping with a NHS Mental Health All being Well Art Group and I’m enjoying every minute of it. I’ve also attended a Free course  called ‘Art at The HeART’ Erewash to learn how to work with dementia patients and have been shadowed an artist and have gained a lot of experience within this area of participatory arts, besides it’s getting me out the house more as being freelance can be really lonely job sometimes and being creative and encouraging others also helps my creativity too. SO to keep my workshops separate to my commercial work I have created a new strand to my business ‘Creative Wellbeing & Artists Workshops’ with Kate Smith Designs and I’m specialising in ‘Drawing for Wellbeing’. On June the 7th I’m having my first exhibition Stand at an Arts 4 Health Event Caring Creatively Networking Day. As you may guess I’ve been busy creating a new logo and marketing material- I hope you like it?

Creative Wellbeing & Artist Workshops

Creative Wellbeing & Artist Workshops

I’m hoping to blog more to keep you updated with my new Adventure.

Kate Smith Designs Illustration..In a whirl wind !

Thursday, September 30th, 2010
Kate Smith Designs-'In a Whirl Wind!' Illustration

Kate Smith Designs-'In a Whirl Wind!' Illustration

I’ve been in a real whirl wind of work…Papers have been flying, steam has been coming off my pencil, ideas and butterflies flying around my head and know leaves are falling off the trees.

I have had some relaxing times too in the next few blog posts I hope to bring you up to speed with everything…..

A Good Cuppa at Derby University!

Monday, February 1st, 2010

I had a busy week last week on Monday I was involved with a ‘Treats’ all day  animation workshop at the Quad Derby. I worked with 5  lovely children all of which worked really well as a team and produced an film all about ‘A Groovy Planet’ we had aliens with afros, a disco ball for the planet and lots of lovely dancing Aliens. I maybe in the Derby Evening Telegraph!!

On Friday I also started a 6 week course at Derby University, The first week was great fun and looking forward to next week. Derby University serve the best  Decaffeinated  Tea and you never guess what picture was on the sachet……



A Blue Butterfly!!-This made me smile!

Quad Exhibition

Monday, October 19th, 2009

During the month of August, I was fortunate to be asked by the Quad to help with several digital family workshops

Interactive Forest, Virtual Telescopes, Animation X & Touch Screen Games, I really enjoyed every minutes of the workshops and gained lots of invaluable experience. Before I went on holiday to Devon  I was asked to do Photoshop work- cleaning up the photographs that had been taken of the families artwork, there was a lot of plastercine models which needed their  backgrounds made transparent-in technical terms!!

I was also given the opportunity to submit some of my own work to the final exhibition, which would mainly be used for the interactive Forest and was delighted to be told that I would be credited!

As I’ve been really busy since I returned back from my holidays, I’ve not had the chance to visit the Quad and look at the final exhibition. I definitely  going to visit in the next two weeks as I’m really quite excited about it all!!

Please see the artwork I submitted, each element had to be individual, hence thats why the artwork is a little  random!

Do hope you like them……?

Forest Illustrations

Forest Illustrations

Silver-studded Blue butterfly

Monday, October 12th, 2009

I have recently updated my website and you will notice that I have changed my homepage fairy to more of a pre-school style.(which I’ve tried to look like me )!

If you look closely to the wings of the fairy, they have proper butterfly textured wings. The texture has been taken from a picture of a Silver- studded Blue butterfly that my brother was able to capture in his hanging basket, this summer. I changed the colour of the texture, by using duo tones in Photoshop CS3

I hope you like the new Fairy-all comments and feedback very welcome!

Fairy illustration

Fairy illustration

Silver-studded  blue butterfly

Silver-studded blue butterfly

Silver-studded  blue butterfly

Silver-studded blue butterfly

Minty -The Caterpillar!

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

When We left for our Hols, We had a lovely green Mint plant growing in our kitchen window- to discover when we returned it was a very sparse looking Mint plant, but sitting on a top leaf  still munching away …we received a warm welcome from our new pet ‘Minty- The Very Hungry Caterpillar’!!

Please let me introduce you to Minty!!

Perhaps you may know which caterpillars like Mint and what the butterfly will be?

Caterpillar Illustration

Caterpillar Illustration

Blue Butterfly

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

Guess what just happened!

I’d been having a day of pampering me with eyebrows shaped, eyelashes tinted and mini-manicure and was sitting in the garden.

My washing was flapping and drying and I was about to eat a homemade raspberry smoothie lollipop – yummy- when….

… perfect perfect timing, a Common Blue Butterfly fluttered past me. The first one ever I’ve seen in our garden. Made my day! And the lollipop tasted even better!

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