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Monsal Trail Code of Conduct

Thursday, March 8th, 2012
Monsal Trail Code of Conduct Poster

Monsal Trail Code of Conduct Poster

Last year I received a commission from the  Peak District National Park Authority. They asked me to do 8x black & white illustrations for  the Monsal Trail Code of Conduct I have just noticed today that it is on their website . It has been put together as a Posters, Leaflets and signposts along the Trail. the plan is to visit this year to have a look at the sign posts and to get some exercise too.

Quad Exhibition

Monday, October 19th, 2009

During the month of August, I was fortunate to be asked by the Quad to help with several digital family workshops

Interactive Forest, Virtual Telescopes, Animation X & Touch Screen Games, I really enjoyed every minutes of the workshops and gained lots of invaluable experience. Before I went on holiday to Devon  I was asked to do Photoshop work- cleaning up the photographs that had been taken of the families artwork, there was a lot of plastercine models which needed their  backgrounds made transparent-in technical terms!!

I was also given the opportunity to submit some of my own work to the final exhibition, which would mainly be used for the interactive Forest and was delighted to be told that I would be credited!

As I’ve been really busy since I returned back from my holidays, I’ve not had the chance to visit the Quad and look at the final exhibition. I definitely  going to visit in the next two weeks as I’m really quite excited about it all!!

Please see the artwork I submitted, each element had to be individual, hence thats why the artwork is a little  random!

Do hope you like them……?

Forest Illustrations

Forest Illustrations

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