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‘Art at The HeART’ Erewash

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

As mentioned before I have been lucky this year to have the opportunity to be part of the ”Art at The HeART’ Erewash. I attended 5 free workshops and learned about working with people with Dementia and had the great time shadowing an Artist at  Midway Hospital Ilkeston. I had the chance to run a ‘Drawing for Wellbeing Workshop! Please see Photos…

Arts at The HeART Exhibition

Arts at The HeART ExhibitionMidway Day Hospital "Drawing for Wellbeing workshop'Dot to Dot Drawings

Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Happy Easter! Wishing you all a “Tweet” filled Weekend!

Easter Chicken illustration

Easter Chicken illustration

Raining Cats & Dogs

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

It’s certainly been ‘Raining Cats & Dogs’ in Derbyshire today!

Raining Cats & Dogs Pattern

Raining Cats & Dogs Pattern

Jolly Jelly Fish

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011
jelly fish doodle dairy

jelly fish doodle dairy

Jelly Fish sand Scribble

Jelly Fish sand Scribble

On my annual holiday to Devon, I was sitting on the beach and there was thousands of tiny jelly fish, this inspired me to draw- This is just one of the many pages of jelly fish out of my doodle dairy -I had a very jolly doodle that day!

Kate Smith Designs Illustration..In a whirl wind !

Thursday, September 30th, 2010
Kate Smith Designs-'In a Whirl Wind!' Illustration

Kate Smith Designs-'In a Whirl Wind!' Illustration

I’ve been in a real whirl wind of work…Papers have been flying, steam has been coming off my pencil, ideas and butterflies flying around my head and know leaves are falling off the trees.

I have had some relaxing times too in the next few blog posts I hope to bring you up to speed with everything…..

Party Badges illustrations

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010
Colourful Pencil fencing Centre Parcs

Colourful Pencil fencing Centre Parcs

March- were did March go?

On March the 10th it was my birthday , to celebrate we went to away for the weekend to Centre Parcs -Sherwood Forest.

We had a lovely time we had a special treat as we spent one afternoon in the Aqua Sana Spa rooms, with a combination of different spa rooms to explore and a warm outside  swimming pool to relax in , even the sun shone for us!

My Favourite room was the Greek Herbal Bath Room followed by a scented cool shower , it was heaven!

We ate out most evenings and on Sunday night we had a french dinner with a jazz band playing in the back ground.

Yes I did go down the big sides,  the rapids and  inflatable dinghy ride, I was a big kid for the weekend, but seriously realised I’m very unfit. Riding a bike was very hard work, I think really the gears weren’t working properly!!

The nearest I got to drawing when I walked past these giant sized pencil fence-thinking this would look great at the back of our house!!

I did a favour for a friend and made some badges for her daughters Birthday Party, The theme was  a Prom Party and had instructions to make badges saying Prom Queen, Prom Princess, Cool Dude and for my friend and husband Prom Queen Mum and Cool Dude Dad. My friend was delighted with them.

Party Badges illustration

Party Badges illustration

I visited the Art Room this month,  I was really impressed with a members painting, so decided to take a picture of it to show you!

Long Eaton Art Room Painting

Long Eaton Art Room Painting

Happy Friday!

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Happy Friday & Belated Best Wishes for the New Year!

I’m So Sorry it’s BEEn along time, I’ve got lots to tell you………

I’m involved with the Quad Derby and really gaining lots of experience helping and designing workshops the people there are a lovely bunch to work with,  I have  already got a few really successful workshops under my sleeve. I’ve designed and ran , titles such as  Books that  Flip, Spin & Pop-up and  a Doodle Fun, I’ve got loads more ideas for other workshops, so watch this space!!

The Quad in Derby is a really Creative Friendly place , it’s well worth a visit.

I’ve also got a few other Freelance Jobs on the go from Wall Charts to Number books.

This Year I’ve had another  Grant application accepted so that I can continue to have marketing advice from Piu Ltd and update the wording to my website to add to it the extra services I can provide such as Workshops, Graphic Design, Picture Minutes!! My Friend Eileen Parr is putting pen to paper this very minute.

This week we’ve just had new windows put in at home and my husband has decided to put brush in paint and decorate the house…..he’s starting with the bathroom.

Bee on a sticky note

Bee on a sticky note

Derbyshire Open Arts-Exhibition Work

Monday, May 18th, 2009


Over the weekend I  received in the post- the Scans of my originals,  I’m going to produce cards and prints from them and hope to sell them at the exhibition.Moo Cow illustrationHorse illustrationTilly & Ted -Princess Illustration… here’s a sneak preview and fingers crossed I manage to get everything done before then. 


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