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Blue Butterfly Story...

blue butterfly

People ask me why the blue butterfly for my logo.

I’ve loved blue butterflies since I was a child and one of my earliest memories was seeing them (The Common Blue) on a summer walk with my Mum during a holiday near Padstow. There were too many to count that day as they darted from one purple heather to the next.

And have you ever as a child made butterfly shapes with your hands in the sun creating the shadows?

Blue Butterflies have popped up at various times for me and each time it’s been a magical experience. Like the time I went to the Jersey Butterfly Farm. Not only was it my first holiday abroad, and first time on an aeroplane, but at the farm I had the wonderful experience of butterflies landing on me.

When I decided to become a freelance designer It seemed that it was an automatic choice that my logo should be the blue butterfly. I feel butterflies in my tummy every time I get excited about starting a project and the blue helps calm me and gives me focus to create the best possible result for my clients.

And maybe the best reason of all was that from my Grandad’s house I was allowed to choose a piece of furniture when it was cleared because he had to go in a home. I chose a bureau and when my Mum cleaned out a drawer, at the bottom wrapped in newspaper she found a tile with 5 blue butterflies on it. So I can honour my grandparents and include my passion at the same time. How lucky am I!

Now the tile is framed and sitting on the wall at the top of the stairs where I can see it every time I walk up there.