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=GOLD Practical Pre-School Award, for the game Jack and the Beanstalk.

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Drawing for Wellbeing

I specialise in 'Drawing for Wellbeing' Workshops as I have been diagnosed with a mental health condition ‘Acute and Transient Psychotic Disorder’. During my relapses I can become highly creative and draw and record every moment of my experiences of psychosis. Using the ‘Arts as Therapy’ helps me to cope with my illness and can help others with similar issues to have a platform for self-expression.

Check out my blogspot about Drawing for Wellbeing

Workshop Experience:

Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust Volunteer Artist

2015 Volunteer of the Year Award Winner

I voluntarily facilitated Creative Workshops at the Hope and Resilience Hub based in the Inpatient Radbourne Unit in Derby. Since Motherhood I continue to volunteer as and when I can.

Freelance Derby QUAD Artist.

Founder of 3C’s Chat, Chill & Create Art and Social Group in Erewash. Kate Smith Designs is a creative partner and founding member of All Being Well Art based group working with Derbyshire Early Intervention in Psychosis Service. Other Clients include: Spiral Arts, Fleet Arts, Homestart and Rethink.

Ambassador for Mental Health

Using creativity and the arts to raise awareness of mental health challenges and help to reduce the stigma I have been on BBC East Midlands Today and BBC Radio Derby and have been mentioned on BBC Radio 2- Talking about my experiences, creative story, community work and artwork using the ‘Arts as Therapy’

Drawing for Wellbeing