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Drawing for Wellbeing

I chatted to someone about my work the other day and mentioned that I use drawing as a way of expressing myself. They found this very interesting and it helped them realise there's more to my artwork than smiley suns and happy rain clouds. So I wanted to share with you what Art Therapy / Expressive Art means to me and how you can use it. (even if you don't consider you're an artist)

As well as my commercial Art work, drawing and designing, I use drawing as a form of Expressive Art Therapy. If I need to unwind and de-stress , I usually put some lavender on a burner or on my pulse, chill out to relaxing music and let my pencil dance to the rhythm.

Sometimes I'll sit in the garden or a park and listen to the birds or sit in a comfy chair and listen to the pencil making expressive marks on the page.

I keep a Doodle Diary. Instead of writing about the day's activities I draw the events and make little notes around the drawings. When I'm sitting in my armchair at home I often get a pigeon that will sit on our chimney and coo, so there will be a pigeon in my drawing.

To find out more please download my expressive arts PDF.

Drawing for Wellbeing